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Censer made with 2 ceramic parts, main body and lid

• Height: 17 cm
• Options: Green / Blue

Reference A-070

Handmade ceramic with original Al Yarrar decoration

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Name: Censer
Size: 16 cm height
Ceramic Type: Mayolica andalusi
Reference: A-070
Colors: Green or Blue
Shape: The body is a high cup and the lid has holes where the smoke can goes out.

Recommendations: This is a lidded censer. Incense should be placed in the cup and then fire it. When you put the lid on, the aroma of the incense comes out through the lid holes.

This Censer is a fully handmade decorated, the decoration has been made with the design and techniques from 12-15th centuries Andalusian ceramics.

As it is an original Al Yarrar design, it contains a quality certificate with reference number and production date.

Many of our ceramic pieces are original and unique, it is possible that the piece we have in stock does not have exactly the same decoration as the photo that appears on this page. In that case, once the purchase has been made, we will contact you to give you the possibility to choose between the pieces that we have in stock or make the piece like the photo that appears on this page.

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