Beauty applied to everyday life

Alyarrar Ceramics began  on 1983 in Granada with the purpose of recovering and developing Andalusian ceramic techniques and designs.

“We try to bring back the handmade techniques from our Andalusian ancestors and make pieces adapted to our daily use. Reviving a decoration style that still our daily lives and our way of valuing the material. “

Our Work


3 Pottery styles that took place in the Al-Andalus period: Califal 9th ​​century, Andalusí 13th century and Nazarí 15th century. These pieces are made following the traditional Andalusian technique, handmade and decorated in rich polychrome with geometric and floral design.


Mosaic designs collection taken from the Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces, traditionally modeled by hand, made and decorated piece by piece. High quality mosaics with geometry adaptable to both large walls and small architectural elements.


Tiles and accessories collection for interior and exterior elements, manually decorated with a wide range of colors: borders, wall tiles, , moldings, etc. Designs inspired by the Nasrid Palaces. We also work cuerdaseca and rustic tile modeled and decorated by hand.


Pieces for interiors and exteriors with Al Yarrar’s Andalusi decoration: studs, mirrors, ceiling lights, wall lights, flower pots and complete bathroom sets. We make pieces by order with our own collection of designs and colors.


We reproduce archaeological pieces of Andalusia, Caliphal or Nasrid period. Pottery which is actually in Museums. We currently have a collection of Nasrid pieces from the 13th-16th century.


Due to the difficult installation of our mosaics we are specialized in tiling with our materials. You can check the conditions in the contact form.


Every year we carry out various workshop types as; potter’s wheel, plaster and geometry molds and Nasrid mosaic. In the courses section you can see more information.


Cerámica Al Yarrar was born in 1984 in the Albayzín distric, Granada.
In a small workshop located over the Bañuelo, in front of the Alhambra and on the border of the Darro River.
At the head of a group of artisans, Bernardo Sanchez undertook the path of rescuing the pottery tradition of Al-Andalus. After several years, the ceramic pieces and the decoration have been perfected until reaching their own and very recognized style, always keeping the basic structure and the decorative harmony of Andalusi Ceramics.
A lot of artisans / friends have passed through Al Yarrar who have left their mark throughout our history. Currently our workshop is located in Atarfe, Granada.


For more than 8 centuries, our ancestors in Al Andalus received and developed various sciences and arts, including ceramics, which reached a level of quality never seen before. Andalusi ceramics reflect happiness and harmony with their rich polychromy and enormous technological development with a complex geometry. An elements combination that defines the splendid life quality of the Andalusi civilization.
At Al Yarrar we have first recovered those techniques and designs that have practically disappeared since the 16th century to work again in the same way. We also want to collect the lost witness and continue developing this technique to adapt it to the needs of our time. Always without breaking with the original techniques, which protect the final quality level.

“He created man out of clay, like pottery; and created the geniuses of pure fire. "

Surat Ar-Rahmán 55:14-15