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Tibor Albaicin


Traditional ceramic Vase inspired on 15th century andalusian pottery.

Spherical and slender body with a domed lid.
Height: 38cm
Green or blue design.

Reference A-191

This image is only a reference, being a unique and original piece, each tibor is always different.
Once the purchase is made, you can choose between those we have in stock or order one from our catalog of designs.

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Name: Tibor Albaicin
Size: 38 cm height
Ceramic type: Majolica craquéele
Reference: A-191
Colors: Green or Blue
Shape: The body has a small cylindrical base that grows up slender to the top making a sphere shape. It has a dome-shaped lid

Recommendations: Decorative item. Due to its size and weight it must be placed on a very stable surface.


The Tibor is a very slender ceramic piece that has its origin in China.
Its main use is decorative in stately homes, although it were also used in some cases to contain food or spices.

Arrived to Andalusia through Persia.
The Persian culture constantly received all the knowledge from Asia thanks to the connection with the Silk Route (Xian – Persia).

Andalusian tibor

The Andalusian Tibor is the result of the cultural mixture of the Andalusian ceramics; the form comes from Chinese ceramics while the decoration is a balanced combination of Persian floral richness and Islamic geometry.

This is one of the ceramic pieces that symbolize the cultural, scientific and craft wealth that the territory of Al Ándalus had between the IX-XV centuries.

Tibor Albaicin

This Tibor is a tall, slender vase-shaped piece with a slender curved shape. It is a very elegant piece and should be placed in an appropriate place.

This piece has been made and decorated entirely by hand, the decoration has been made with a design and technique from Andalusian ceramics from the 12th century.
Being an original Al Yarrar design, it contains a quality certificate with reference number and production date.

Many of our ceramic pieces are original and unique, it is possible that the piece we have in stock does not have exactly the same decoration as the photo that appears on this page. In that case, once the purchase has been made, we will contact you to give you the possibility to choose between the pieces that we have in stock or make the piece like the photo that appears on this page.

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Dimensions40 cm