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taller mosaico

Alhambra mosaic workshop

Intensive Alhambra geometry design and ceramic mosaic workshop

Mosaic workshop for groups.
Taught by artisans from Alyarrar, with more than 30 years of experience working the Alhambra mosaics.

The workshop has 2 parts, first is an Islamic geometry drawing class in which we teach a basic Alhambra mosaic step by step, the second part is a practical class in which the previously drawn design will be cut in raw clay.

At the end, the attendee will be able to take home a finished mosaic as a souvenir.

1) Reception, visit to the workshops and Al Yarrar exhibition and explanation of contents. In Atarfe, Granada.

2) 1h Introduction to Andalusian ceramics, importance and history.
Islamic geometry class based in the Alhambra, mosaic, drawing step by step with pencil, compass and ruler.

3) 15 min. Rest, tea and snack.

4) 1 h Practical raw clay mosaic cutting.
Cut piece by piece the drawn geometry previously. Next, compose this mosaic design without color.
At the end the attendee will compose the glazed mosaic construction (with colors)
and paste it with the final shape.

5) Finally
Each attendee will be able to take home their work as a souvenir.


Please read the general conditions of the mosaic workshop before sending the reservation form.

– Location

The workshop will be held at the Ceramics Al Yarrar location. 9km from Granada, approx. 30 minutes from Granada.

Address: Camino de la viñuela s/n, Atarfe 18230. Granada


– Transportation:

Transportation is NOT included in the price.

The return transport service to Granada is €25 per group of 6 people.

– Duration

The total duration is 135 min. But it could go up to 150 min.

– Availability and Schedule

The days available for the workshop are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And the ideal schedule is from 9 – 11:30 am

But we are open to change day and time in advance.

– What includes

The workshop includes all the necessary material. It is not necessary to bring anything.

An appetizer (tea with snack) is also included at the break.

Mosaic rosette gift (valued at €16).

– Requirements

To reserve the workshop it is necessary to fill in the Inscription form.

The reservation must be made at least 48 hours before taking the course.

To complete the reservation it is necessary to pay the total amount of the reservation.

– Payment

Payment must be completed by bank transfer to the account provided after completing the booking form.

– Cancellation

The cancellation of the workshop does not have any penalty until 48 hours before its realization.

If it is canceled in 48 hours before its realization, the cost is 50% of the total amount paid.

In the case of change of attendees, there is no penalty as long as the minimum number of attendees (5 people).

*Covid conditions

Due to the new conditions and regulations related to Covid-19, we have adopted the following rules in all our workshops:

– The maximum number of attendees is reduced to 15 people.

– The use of a mask is necessary during the workshop.

– The space between attendees will be at least 1.5m.

– Hand soap and water are available in the bathrooms and hydroalcoholic gel for attendees.

– The doors of all rooms will be kept open to avoid the concentration of air for too long.

Inscription Form

Please, fill out this form for reservation