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Redoma or Flask is one of the icons of Nazari ceramic from 15th century.

• Height: 20 cm
• Options: Green / Blue

Reference A-051

Handmade ceramic with original Al Yarrar decoration

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Name: Redoma (Flask)
Size: 20 cm height
Ceramic Type: Mayolica andalusi
Reference: A-051
Colors: Green or Blue
Shape: Spherical with a pointed neck and double handle

Recommendations: This piece looks like a small jug, so we recommend using it as an oil or vinegar container or to contain liquids. It is not recommended to use in dishwasher or microwave.
It could contain any kind of liquid.

Historical reference

The design of this Andalusian Redoma or flask is one of the icons of Nazari ceramics.

It was a piece widely used in the domestic trousseau of Al Ándalus due to its usefulness for containing liquids, especially olive oil.

We have taken as a reference one of the most elaborated models which was found in The Alhambra and is currently still in the archaeological Carlos V Museum at the Alhambra in Granada.

With an approximate 20 cm height, it has a spherical base to contain up to 500 ml, the high but proportionate neck makes it a slender figure, finally widening the lip to end in the small spout through which to pour the liquid.

But the making of this piece does not end here, since technically it has details that at first may seem aesthetic but actually have a function that gives it an exemplary perfection:

– Double lip: It has a double lip ending, a simple detail that helps when after pouring the liquid, the flask does not drip.
– Double handle: Normally the handle starts from the base, but the Redoma has a small, very simple reinforcement at the start that gives it strength when it comes to supporting the weight when it is full.
– Ring on the neck: Another small detail that helps to hold the flask when it is held by the neck.

Al Yarrar Redoma Design

At Al Yarrar we make this piece with the same proportions as the original in an artisanal way and we do the decoration with our own original designs, always following the technique from Andalusian ceramics from the 12th century.

Being an original Alyarrar design, it contains a quality certificate with a reference number and production date.

Many of our ceramic pieces are original and unique, it is possible that the piece we have in stock does not have exactly the same decoration as the photo that appears on this page. In that case, once the purchase has been made, we will contact you to give you the possibility to choose between the pieces that we have in stock or make the piece like the photo that appears on this page.

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