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Oil burner – Tower 9COLORS


Essential oil burner – Tower model – Special design for 2021 Christmas

9 available Colors:
Light green, Dark green, Light Blue, Dark blue, Turquoise, Albero Yellow, Honey, Carmine and Lilac

This piece is completely handmade and decorated with original AlYarrar colors.

Combine it with Labiatae pure essential oil from our catalog.

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Essential oil burner special Andalusia design for #Christmas2021 

This year 2021 we have designed a range of Essential Oil Burners with cheerful and warm colors that will enliven the Christmas atmosphere of our homes.
With the characteristic colors of the Christmas, the light of the candle and the natural aroma will give a warm and colorful atmosphere. 

We also offer an pure essential oil selection from our friends at Labiatae. 

Part Name: Oil Buner, Tower model with Original Alyarrar Colors
Size: 22cm height
Shape: Spherical base and cylindrical stem with dome lid
Ceramic type: Andalusi
Reference: AR-G 

  • includes 1 tealight 

Light green
Dark green
Light Blue
Dark blue
Albero Yellow

How to use:
This is an essential oil burner; In the upper bowl you should fill up with water and with a drop of essential oil, in the lower compartment light a tea candle. The candle heats the bowl and expands the aroma. Depending on the size of the candle and the strength of the flame, the aroma will evaporate with greater or lesser intensity. In addition, the light of the flame, in movement, is projected outwards through the holes creating beautiful silhouettes. 

Pure Essential Oils:
Our supplier and friend Labiatae provides us with pure essential oils extracted in a completely traditional and ecological way, without additives. In the following link we offer the best selection of oils for use with Alyarrar fragrance. Tea tree, Cinnamon, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Rosemary, Thyme. For more information, please read our conditions of sale.

For more information, please read our conditions of sale.

For more information, please read our conditions of sale.


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