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Andalusi Large Box


Andalusi Large Box, 18 cm height. Green or blue decoration.

Reference A-032

This pottery has 2 pieces elaborated with the traditional al andalus techniques with Alyarrar designs.

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Name of the piece: Andalusi Large Box
Size: 18cm height
Ceramic Type: Mayolica crackle
Reference: A-032
Colors: Green or Blue
Shape: Spherical body and top, which has the traditional andalusi shape.
Recommendations: Do not use it for food. To use has jeweler or store other small things. It is not recommended to use in dishwasher or microwave.

The design of this andalusi box is an Al Yarrar original design and has been elaborated and decorated completely by hand, the decoration has been made with design and technique from Andalusian ceramics from the 12th century.
As it is an original Alyarrar design, it contains a quality certificate with reference number and production date.

Many of our ceramic pieces are original and unique, it is possible that the piece that we have in stock does not have exactly the same decoration as the image that appears on this page. In that case, once the purchase is made, we will contact you to give you the possibility to choose between the pieces that we have in stock or remake the piece like the image that appears on this page.

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