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Family of artisans from Granada who make Andalusian ceramics with the same technique and designs as Al-Andalus civilization worked centuries ago.

Style made in Al-Andalus during the 12th - 14th centuries. Characteristic for its green and blue Granada colors, rich polychromy on floral and geometric design.

Original lusterware known as gold luster technique from 14-15 centuries in the Granada Kingdom. Decoration and firing according to the golden earthenware technique.

Reproductions of green manganese pottery from the Omeya period 9-11th centuries. Pieces found in different museums in Europe due to their historical importance.

Handmade decoration according to traditional Andalusi techniques.


We work the traditional nasrid mosaic with designs from Granada, Alhambra, the Royal Alcazar, the Generalife or the Nasrid Palaces. Made entirely by hand.

Rehabilitation work with arrayanes mosaic.

Arrayanes mosaic design

Original mosaic model from the Arrayanes Patio. The Alhambra of Granada.

Comares mosaic installation for bathroom.

Comares mosaic design

Original mosaic model from Comares Room. The Alhambra of Granada.

More than 20 traditional mosaic patterns from the Andalusi period, cut and decorated handmade piece by piece.